Laser hair removal, is it safe?

  As the temperature rises, it is the season to show the flesh. For some “children”, they would rather wear long sleeves than short sleeves, just because they are afraid to show their hair. To address this embarrassment, Medical Beauty has launched laser hair removal programs. However, while pursuing beauty, we must first understand its principle. So, what do you know about laser hair removal? Is it safe?

  Principle of laser hair removal

  The principle of laser hair removal is that the laser produces heat to destroy hair follicles, so as to achieve the effect of hair removal. The specific operation process is to use a scraper to remove the hair that needs the laser, so that the laser is better aligned with the hair root, and then follow the hair to the position of the hair follicle. At this point, the heat from the laser starts to destroy the hair follicles, and repeating this step many times will eventually lead to hair removal.

  Because laser irradiation can be hot, there will be some burning sensation when using. The pain is more like a tiny tingling sensation, or a rubber band bouncing off your skin, so some girls who are afraid of pain don’t need to worry too much.

  Unlike surgery, laser hair removal can be done in one go. This is a gradual process. Hair follows a unique growth cycle, including dormancy, shedding, and growth. For most people, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments over two to three months to get results.

  If the follicle is dead and does not grow, hair removal is permanent. However, there are hair follicles that are damaged but not necrotic. In this case, the hair will grow again, so a secondary treatment is required.

  Possible side effects of laser hair removal

  Laser hair removal technology was approved by FDA in 1997 and has been widely used in clinical practice for 22 years.

  Laser hair removal is basically stable on the technical level, and there is no personal safety risk, but there may still be minor side effects, such as:

  1. The skin may turn red after laser treatment;

  2. Blisters may appear on the skin;

  3. Pigmentation may be present in the laser irradiation area.

  Laser hair removal works well for most people. This method of hair removal is relatively small, can last for a long time, but we are here to remind you that when choosing laser hair removal, we must go to a regular hospital, carried out by professionals, to avoid improper use of equipment and produce some adverse consequences.

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