Advantages and disadvantages of laser and photon

In recent years, the very popular permanent hair removal technology has made many people get rid of the embarrassing problems caused by excessive body hair, and there are more and more plastic and cosmetic projects for permanent hair removal. Now the two mainstream technologies are mainly laser hair removal and photon hair removal. Here is a comparison between these two permanent hair removal methods.

The earliest photon hair removal is to use the melanin cells in the hair follicle to absorb the light of a specific band to make the hair follicle generate heat and selectively destroy the hair follicle. At the same time, the emitted heat can be transmitted to the deep part of the hair follicle through the cross section of the hair stem, so as to rapidly increase the hair follicle temperature, so as to achieve the effect of removing hair while avoiding damage to the surrounding tissue. However, this method is not good for specific hair (light hair color, such as female lip hair). For scar constitution, it is easy to produce scars, and it can not be used for people with darker skin color. It has a strong sense of pain during treatment.

The subsequent Lightsheer semiconductor laser hair removal makes the pigment in the hair follicle absorb the energy of the laser, destroys the hair follicle through the generated heat exchange, and stops the growth of hair. This method has fast treatment speed and wide adaptation to hair, especially for light colored hair. It can be safely and effectively treated for people with dark skin color, but it is more painful.

In short, although laser and photon hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal, it is safe and assured. However, due to the long treatment time, the treatment may cause adverse reactions and side effects due to improper operation by doctors. More importantly, sometimes pain must be endured for beauty. Therefore, some people can only flinch. But for some people with strong pain tolerance, it is also a relatively good hair removal method.

The newly introduced laser hair removal uses ELOS patented technology to set up a unique skin detection system in the system. This unique patented technology can monitor the skin impedance value in real time after each launch and display it on the display screen to ensure the treatment safety to the greatest extent. Therefore, it has incomparable advantages over other laser hair removal equipment: on the premise of deeper depth and higher energy, it not only achieves the best treatment effect, but also ensures safety, does no harm to the skin, and realizes strong operability.

Analysis and evaluation from experts:

At present, the reason why most people choose e Lezi hair removal now is that it is more effective: the semiconductor laser adopts the recognized “gold wavelength” (810nm) combined with RF energy, so that it can remove hair of any color on skin of any color; It can achieve lasting and effective treatment for hair of any thickness and depth. Safer: due to the combination of bipolar RF energy, the dependence of the rapid depilation system using e-posture technology on the light energy that may cause epidermal damage is reduced by 60%, which is safer than simple laser or strong light depilation. In addition, the strong contact skin cooling system and the unique real-time skin temperature / impedance monitoring system are not only safe and painless, And there were no adverse reactions and side effects. Faster speed: the output spot area of the rapid depilation system can reach 12 × 15mm2, the output frequency can be stable at 2Hz, so the treatment speed is surprisingly fast compared with other traditional hair removal methods.

The system can provide more stable, accurate and long-term hair removal effect, and the treatment speed is faster than other methods. For large-area treatment, such as back and female leg hair removal, its advantages are very obvious. And the price is similar to that of laser and photon. Therefore, it has become another new hair removal method after laser and photon hair removal.

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