Bikini hair removal shape

For women who love beauty, excess hair can be embarrassing, so they will try to get rid of it. Bikini hair may be exposed when wearing swimsuits and short skirts and shorts in summer. Don’t worry about the hair on the bikini. Now the plastic industry is so developed, depilation is a very simple plastic project. There is no need for beauty seekers to cut themselves blindly with scissors. But the shape of bikini hair removal is also of special concern to many beauty seekers. Let’s talk about the shape of bikini hair removal in detail.

Bikini hair removal is through advanced technology, using laser to penetrate deep into the skin to reach the root of the hair, generate heat in the hair follicle and prevent the hair from growing again. After laser hair removal, the effect is obvious, and individual beauty seekers have slight pain. But they are all tolerable.

About the shape of bikini:

  1. All off type, is to remove all clean, completely without leaving hair. This kind of beauty seeker may be more concerned about saving trouble and getting rid of all at once.
  2. Brazilian type. This shape is especially suitable for people who like to wear thongs. Wearing Thongs will not expose hair. It is a very special shape.
  3. Classic, this shape is triangular, which is the most common bikini hair removal shape.
  4. American type, this shape is developed from Brazilian style. But the shape is not triangular, but a slender shape.

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