Can household hair removal instrument permanently remove hair

Some people feel that their body hair is particularly obvious, so they want to use the depilator to improve it, but now there are many types of depilators, and some people are worried that the laser on the depilator will cause serious damage to normal skin, so they often dare not choose. You might as well know the depilation effect of household depilatory instrument, and then master the correct use method to reduce skin damage and achieve the depilation effect.

Household hair remover is not really permanent hair removal. This is mainly because after the completion of the whole course of treatment, the hair remover will still leave small hairs, which is similar to the fine hair on the baby. Fortunately, it will not affect the beauty. Although the depilator can not really permanently depilate, it is still a cost-effective and convenient depilation method compared with other temporary depilation methods and going to the hospital for depilation.

Why can’t depilator depilate permanently

The depilator only plays a role in hair growth

During the treatment of hair removal instrument, only 90% of the hair visible to the naked eye is damaged, and we still have non growing hair. These hair also need to be treated with hair removal instrument again when entering the growth period, so as to avoid hair growing again after treatment.

The depilator has poor effect on fine and light hair

The depilation principles used by depilators are generally different, but the treatment effect of depilators is not very good for thinner and shallower hair. This is because the energy of depilators mainly acts on melanoblasts in hair follicles, while there are fewer melanoblasts in shallower hair. Therefore, for thinner and shallower hair, The therapeutic effect of depilator is not as good as that of deeper hair.

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