Can I do freezing point depilation during my period

Core tip: the arrival of summer will make many women ecstatic. In summer, you can wear sexy bikini to travel to the island and be an island goddess who charms all sentient beings. However, before wearing bikini, you must clean your body hair. Hair removal has become a beautiful homework that many women must do in summer. The commonly used instrument for hair removal is the freezing point hair removal instrument. The freezing point hair removal should avoid the period of holidays, because the body is more sensitive during holidays, and it will be more painful to do freezing point hair removal.

The holiday is a special period for women. It will come as scheduled every month, which makes female friends love and hate. During the holiday, women will become more irritable in addition to physical discomfort. Sometimes the time of coming to the period coincides with the time of freezing point depilation. What should I do? Can I do freezing point depilation during my period? Let’s learn more about it.

Can you do freezing point depilation during the holiday? The answer is No. Because the changes of body hormones and the increase of blood flow make the body more sensitive to external pain. Some physically sensitive women will feel more pain when doing freezing point hair removal. In addition, women’s body immunity is low during the period of menstruation. Freezing point hair removal is easy to affect women’s health, cause menstrual disorder, and also affect the effect of freezing point hair removal. Therefore, it is recommended that women do freezing point depilation to avoid the holiday. In addition, do freezing point hair removal to avoid pregnancy and lactation.

Freezing point depilation uses the photothermal effect of laser to destroy hair follicle tissue and stop hair growth. The difference between freezing point depilation and laser depilation is that freezing point depilation uses double pulse laser mode to irradiate hair follicles, while laser depilation uses single pulse laser to irradiate hair follicles. In comparison, freezing point depilation is milder, more comfortable and less damage to skin tissue. In addition, freezing point depilation upgrades the depilation light spot from the initial circular light spot to a large square light spot, which not only improves the depilation speed, but also reduces the pain of depilation. Freezing point depilation can remove armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair and lip hair. The specific depilation times required for freezing point depilation will vary from person to person, because the hair area and density of each part of each person’s body are different.

Through the above introduction, I believe women should know that freezing point depilation can not be done during the holidays. Women must know how to take care of themselves. Don’t touch cold water during the period of menstruation. Don’t eat cold and irritating food, so as to avoid uterine weakness, uterine cold, and even blood clots or dysmenorrhea during menstruation.