Choose laser hair removal as a bright and clean girl

As the most advanced hair removal technology at present, laser hair removal is very popular with modern women. The reason why it has such high popularity is that it can achieve permanent hair removal effect better than all other hair removal technologies. Laser hair removal is faster, more comfortable and less side effects. The new generation of oxygen laser hair remover has been greatly improved compared with the previous single wavelength laser hair remover: the adjustable pulse width can remove hair of different thickness, whether it is fine lip hair, thick and hard leg hair and chest hair; The pain of hair removal is very small, only a slight sense of acupuncture, and skin burns rarely occur. These are unmatched by Electroacupuncture or laser hair removal

Why is laser hair removal best

Some people will ask, why is it so different from other hair removal methods?

The principle of laser hair removal is to use the characteristics of laser (selective photothermal therapy) to absorb the melanocytes of hair stem and hair follicle, so as to destroy the hair follicle without damaging other normal tissues around. The growth cycle of hair can be divided into three stages: growth period, transition period and rest period. When the hair is in the growth period, its hair follicle is fully developed, and the hair follicle contains black that determines the hair color. At this time, if the long pulse laser irradiation with a specific wavelength is used, the melanin can be destroyed to achieve the hair removal purpose of hair follicle atrophy. Laser hair removal is mainly aimed at the hair in the growth period to destroy the hair follicle and achieve the hair removal effect. But generally speaking, the hair state of the human body coexists in three growth cycles. Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, it is necessary to receive more than 3 to 5 times of treatment in order to completely destroy the hair in the growth period and achieve the best hair removal effect.

Is laser safe for skin?

Experts promise that laser hair removal is absolutely safe. Intense pulsed light technology is the world’s first photon hair removal technology certified by FDA to safely and effectively remove all kinds of skin excess hair. The design of intense pulsed light technology can provide you with ideal treatment for different colors, structures and different body parts of your hair. As long as any type of hair containing pigment (black, brown, red or even light yellow) can be effectively treated.

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