Compared with traditional hair removal, what are the advantages of laser hair removal?

For girls with lush hair growth, hair removal in summer has become a big problem. Compared with the traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal technology has achieved satisfactory results in clinical application. It has no side effects, simple operation and permanent hair removal.

Traditional hair removal methods include chemical shaving method, shaving method, mechanical hair removal method, wax hair removal method, tweezers method, thermal decomposition, electrolysis method, etc. Although these methods can remove hair, they can not destroy hair follicles, can not have the effect of permanent hair removal, and can also cause hair thickening and blackening and enlarged pores.

Laser hair removal is based on the selective laser damage principle. In the application of hair removal, the target selectively destroyed by the laser is the rich melanin in the hair follicle. After absorbing the laser energy, the temperature of the melanin in the hair follicle rises sharply, resulting in local micro “explosion”, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding hair follicle tissue, so as to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal is to irradiate the hairy area with a laser with a particularly sensitive wavelength to pigment cells and hair follicles, which can destroy hair follicles in a large area and efficiently. It has the advantages of less pain, fast speed, no scar and lasting hair removal effect.

Compared with traditional hair removal methods, laser hair removal has unique curative effect and advantages.

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