Do you know the development of laser hair removal?

Nowadays, laser plays a great role in beauty or hair removal treatment. However, what has been the development of laser hair removal? How much hair removal can the current new generation of laser technology play?

With the wide application of laser in beauty projects, laser hair removal has been accepted by the majority of beauty lovers. For the effect of hair removal, many beauty lovers will consult whether they can achieve permanent hair removal. To understand this problem, now follow experts to understand laser in more detail.

According to relevant sources, in the 1990s, Dr. Rox Anderson and others made an experimental study in the laser biomedical laboratory of Harvard University: when irradiating human skin with a special laser, they made the following findings:

  1. Melanin in hair absorbs laser and generates heat during growth;
  2. If the laser is very strong, its heat is enough to burn the hair roots of the hair;
  3. Burned hair roots transfer heat to hair follicles and destroy them;
  4. This hair is permanently removed.

According to this discovery, the first generation laser hair removal machine with permanent hair removal effect came into being in 1996. Since then, laser hair removal equipment has developed rapidly, and different types of lasers such as ruby laser (694nm), emerald laser (755nm), garnet laser (1064nm) and semiconductor laser (810nm) have been successfully developed.

In 2007, laser hair removal entered a new era. The third generation of freezing point painless double pulse semiconductor hair removal laser was born. In the past decade, the theory of laser hair removal has been challenged unprecedentedly.

The new theoretical model is:

  1. Hair follicles and their surrounding tissues absorb laser pulses and are heated to about 40 degrees;
  2. Because the tissue temperature is about 40 ℃, there will be no excessive accumulation of heat, so there will be no pain;
  3. Melanin of hair follicle preferentially continues to absorb the energy of laser. The temperature rises to 45 degrees and lasts for a few minutes. The hair papilla and hair process (surrounding stem cells) of hair follicle are very sensitive to temperature and are damaged;
  4. Hair is removed and never grows again.

This new technology and theory created the third generation of hair removal laser – permanent hair remove painless hair removal laser.

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