Effect of laser hairdressing on acne depilation

Laser cosmetology has long been applied to our medical cosmetology. It is used for laser treatment of acne, laser treatment of capillary expansion package, laser hair removal, etc. the laser used in different treatments is different.

Nature is full of electromagnetic waves. The unit that distinguishes electromagnetic waves is the wavelength. The wavelength of light that can be seen by human eyes ranges from 380 nm to 780 nm.

Shorter wavelengths include ultraviolet, roentgen and gamma rays, and longer wavelengths include infrared, microwave and radio waves. Extracting a specific wavelength of electromagnetic wave will form a laser.

The application of laser in medical cosmetology mainly depends on its energy and penetration. Specific body surface lesions can absorb specific wavelength laser and destroy the lesions through its energy.

Different lesion depths require different wavelengths of laser to reach. The shorter the wavelength of the laser, the stronger the penetration and the deeper the skin; The darker the color of the lesion, the longer the laser wavelength that can be absorbed.

Spot removal is the largest field of laser treatment, which can play an effect on most spots on the skin surface. Its principle is to use the energy of laser to destroy the pigment and make it decompose and absorb.

At present, most of the laser treatment methods used are color light systems with wavelengths ranging from 570 nm to 950 nm (color light is a treatment technology with a wavelength range that is not single, and the wavelength range spans the visible light range of human eyes). It takes 4-6 times to achieve significant improvement every 3-4 weeks.

Laser can only treat mild to moderate acne, and it is not suitable to choose laser treatment when there is severe or infection. Laser therapy can be combined with dermatology at the same time.

The laser treatment of acne is different from the previous lasers. The laser wavelength range is 420 nm – 950 nm. The treatment cycle is twice a week. The effect is obvious only after continuous treatment for about one month.

Telangiectasia is more common in patients with fair skin. Laser uses its photothermal effect to seal blood vessels to achieve therapeutic effect. At present, 540nm-950nm color light system is mostly used for treatment, about once a month, a total of 4-6 times.

Hair removal is also an important part of laser treatment, especially in armpits, limbs and perioral areas. The principle is to destroy hair follicles with the energy of laser.

Make the hair fall off, and do it once to have an obvious effect. At present, 650 nm-950 nm color light system is mostly used for treatment, about once a month, a total of 3-4 times.

The intense pulsed light of the laser acts on the skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, which can rearrange, regenerate and restore the elasticity of the deep collagen fibers and elastic fibers; Make facial skin wrinkles disappear or reduce.

Reduce pores and play a role in rejuvenating the skin. At present, 780 nm-950 nm color light system is mostly used for treatment, about once every 3 weeks. It is recommended to treat 2-3 times.

Laser cosmetology is non-invasive and has no side effects, so it is very popular in our medical cosmetology. Different diseases need different wavelengths of laser.