Hair laser removal keeps hair from regenerating

The traditional hair removal method can only cure the symptoms, not the root cause. Is there a permanent hair removal once and for all?

Women who love beauty want to have flawless and smooth skin, but their body hair often mercilessly breaks this dream. In order to remove unwanted body hair, shaving often loses more than gains, and the more you shave, the coarser you get; Depilation is not only painful, but also easy to cause infection, and can not fundamentally solve the problem; Depilation cream has average depilation effect, and it is easy to grow again after depilation. Therefore, many mm sigh: when can permanent hair removal be achieved? Changsha plastic experts suggest that you might as well try hair laser removal.

Depilation principle: the photons released by hair laser removal can produce thermal effect, which can make hair follicles coagulate and necrosis without damaging sebaceous glands and sweat glands. While avoiding damage to surrounding tissues, it can achieve the effect of permanent hair removal, as well as the effect of whitening and shrinking pores

Depilation cycle: hair growth has a cycle (growth period, quiescent period and surface regression period). Only hair follicles in the growth period will have melanin, so depilation needs multiple treatments to achieve permanent depilation effect.

Instrument introduction: the new generation of “hair laser removal” has passed the international FDA certification, comprehensively upgraded on the original basis, and adopted the updated first-class patented technology. The unique wavelength, fully electronic control of action time, energy combination and unique sapphire contact cooling device are highly praised by international skin experts. Its unique pulsed light directly acts on hair follicle tissue through sliding repeated treatment, which is successful at one time and refreshing for life. Through innovation, ST is added to shrink pores and remove wrinkles in a three-dimensional light energy mode, which can make your skin firm and delicate without surgery.

Three features of hair laser removal:

  1. Cool feeling

The laser depilation system adopts unique freezing protection, which can cool the local epidermis to 5 degrees Celsius, just as in summer, there are cool snowflakes floating to it, which makes it feel cool.

  1. Lossless skin

Based on the selective photothermal principle, the cold touch laser ensures high accuracy and high safety, effectively protects normal skin from thermal damage and is safe and painless.

  1. Never regenerate

The new generation of laser permanent hair removal system uses its carefully designed pulse laser to directly affect the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair will no longer have the chance of regeneration.

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