How many laser hair removal methods do you know?

In daily life, many of us are very dissatisfied with our carelessness, especially in summer. Beautiful girls want to be bright and clean! Hair removal is of great use! Laser depilation is a mature operation with complete depilation and small side effects. What are the ways? Let’s take a look now.

What is hair removal

Unlike waxing depilation, pull wire depilation is more suitable for more detailed places, such as armpits, thighs and so on. According to the classic beautician of Meizhi, prepare tools such as disinfection line (toothpick line), cleaning water and nourishing water. Beauticians will hold one end of the disinfection line, form a coil at the other end, cover the bottom of the hair, and then pull it out quickly. After the hair removal process is completed, it is necessary to use ice or rose water to alleviate the redness and swelling of the parts.

Electrotherapy depilation

Suitable for people with non scar constitution. This treatment should be done in the hospital. Anesthetics should be applied before hair removal, and then very thin wires should be inserted into the hair roots. After power on, the hair follicles will be destroyed. It takes 20 seconds for each hair. Can permanently destroy hair follicles, so that hair will never grow out. However, after surgery, 20% ~ 30% of the hair may grow again because the hair follicles are not completely destroyed. In the process of hair removal, there will be slight burning on the skin surface, resulting in temporary small scars. Therefore, keep the wound dry. After about a week, the small scab will fall off automatically. If it is scar constitution, it may leave small spots on the whole body.

Semiconductor laser hair removal

Semiconductor laser technology is an ideal laser hair removal system at present. Its principle is based on the theory of selective photothermal action, which allows the laser of a specific wavelength to penetrate the epidermal hair follicle without damaging the epidermis. The melanin in the hair stem selectively absorbs the laser energy, the hair follicle is heated, solidified and necrotic, and the hair will no longer grow.

Ruby laser and emerald laser, which have been used before, have been gradually replaced by semiconductor laser: ruby laser has strong absorption of these two wavelengths by melanocytes in normal skin. This method has the best therapeutic effect for Caucasians with less melanocytes;

For Asians, there are certain side effects, such as depigmentation and pigmentation, because ruby laser depilation treatment is limited to melanin in epidermal cells, and melanin in epidermis may interfere with the penetration of laser to epidermis and affect the effect of depilation. The effect of alexandrite laser hair removal is better, but there are relatively many side effects. Therefore, the above two laser treatments have become less and less.

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