How to care after laser hair removal

Summer is a good time for us to show our beautiful posture. Skirts and bikinis are displayed. However, for girls with more hair, this is also an embarrassing season. More hair directly affects the appearance of a. Therefore, many beauty lovers will solve this problem by laser hair removal.

We know that no matter what depilation method is used, it will cause small damage to the skin. Appropriate care can relieve the sensitivity and redness caused by depilation, and prevent coarse pores and rough skin at the same time. Therefore, the nursing of hair removal surgery is very important.

Nursing points after laser hair removal:

Pay attention to sunscreen after laser hair removal, because laser treatment achieves the purpose of permanent hair removal by destroying hair follicles at high temperature. After laser treatment, the skin of the part irradiated by laser will be relatively fragile. It is easy to cause pigmentation after sunlight. Although it will subside in the end, it will take some time. Therefore, women who love beauty must pay attention to sunscreen after laser treatment.

It’s best not to wear body care products such as moisturizer one day after laser hair removal, because these products may stimulate the skin. In order to avoid infection, it’s best to avoid wearing all kinds of skin care products one day after laser hair removal treatment.

After hair removal with laser technology, the pores are easy to open. It is recommended to avoid bathing and swimming in the first day after hair removal to prevent inflammation.

After laser hair removal, eat more fruits containing vitamin C, or eat vitamin C tablets directly. Vitamin C can improve skin resistance and reduce pigment production. Don’t eat irritating food.

After laser hair removal, do not wear underwear with too deep staining or unclean, because the skin is more sensitive and easy to be inflamed after the operation. It is recommended to wear clean colored cotton underwear.

The time of avoiding water after laser hair removal only takes a few hours. You can wash freely after a few hours, which will not affect your normal work and study.

Some minor treatment work is needed after the operation. After the hair removal operation, the hair follicle is injured and will die, so the daily care after the operation is still very important.