How to choose freckle removal between photon rejuvenation and laser

After reading the first two articles, I believe that you can probably distinguish between laser and electronic skin rejuvenation. In this issue, we will talk about how to choose the freckle removal that you often consult!

This is actually a very big topic, because first of all, you need a doctor to make a judgment on your indications after a face-to-face consultation, whether it is deep spots or superficial spots, freckles, sunburn, chloasma, etc. Different indications correspond to The treatment methods are completely different, so this also fully reflects the huge difference between medical cosmetology and life cosmetology. The influence of doctors in it is huge, which is why these various medical and beauty projects cannot be carried out in beauty salons, because The consequences of people with non-medical background completely prescribing non-symptomatic treatment programs are very terrible, such as chloasma, which will become more and more serious if high-energy lasers are used. Medicine is really a science with super thresholds, and it cannot be profaned.

Based on the limited information I have at hand, I will briefly list the treatment methods suitable for freckle removal as follows.

①Indications: Sunburn, superficial pigmentation Treatment: Apt570 Wavelength range: 570nm-950nm Category: Photon

②Indications: Sunburn, superficial pigmentation Treatment: Dpl550 Wavelength range: 550nm-650nm Category: Photon

③Indications: Chloasma Treatment: There is a lot of controversy between Q694 and Q1032, but also with fractional laser. Category: Q-switched laser It is difficult to treat and requires a very experienced doctor

④Indications: Mole of Ota Treatment: Q-switched 1064 Wavelength range: 1064nm Category: Q-switched laser

⑤Indications: sunburn, superficial pigmentation treatment: opt wavelength range: 560nm-590nm category: photon

⑥Indications: Deep spots Treatment: q694, picosecond Category: Q-switched laser If you have time to write about picoseconds

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