Is there a scar on the leg that can be depilated? Four situations that should not be depilated are shared

Core tip: in life, many friends think that heavy body hair will affect their image, so everyone often solves the problem of heavy body hair by depilation, but many friends are troubled because they have scars on their legs and don’t know whether they can depilate. In general, depilation is not recommended if the scar is newly formed. If the scar formation time is relatively long, an effective way to depilate can be considered.

Seeing that the weather is getting hotter, many people have begun to wear short sleeved shorts. Many people think that excessive leg hair will affect their dressing, so they want to solve this problem by depilation, but some of their friends have scars on their legs. We are afraid that depilation will affect the scars, so we want to know if there are scars on their legs that can be depilated? Let’s answer this question.

If there is a scar on the leg, it is necessary to depilate carefully. If the scar has just formed, it is recommended not to depilate. If the scar has been formed for a long time, depilation can be considered. However, in order to ensure the insurance period, we must know what conditions are not suitable for depilation. Here are four conditions that are not suitable for depilation.

1、 People prone to skin allergy should not depilate. Whether using depilation cream or freezing point depilation will cause certain irritation to the skin and pores. People prone to skin allergy are prone to skin itching and inflammation after depilation, which will cause great inconvenience to their health and life, so depilation must be careful.

2、 People with scar constitution should not depilate, especially using a razor. This method is very undesirable. If the skin is scratched in the process of shaving, it is easy to leave scars on the damaged parts, and the scars on the body of people with scar constitution should not be eliminated. We should be clear about this.

3、 People with coagulation disorders should not depilate. People with coagulation disorders are not easy to stop bleeding if they have wounds on their bodies. If they break the skin in the process of depilation, it will not only lead to continuous blood flow, but also increase the probability of infection.

4、 Women in menstrual period should not depilate. Women’s skin in menstrual period is relatively fragile. Depilation at this time will increase the feeling of pain, and it is also easy to cause skin redness, swelling, pain and other symptoms.

Is there a scar on the leg that can be depilated and several situations that are not suitable for depilation? For friends who meet the above conditions, depilation is not recommended for the sake of safety. Although the external image is important, depilation should also consider their own actual situation. Do not take risks in order to be beautiful, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.