Laser depilation 6 times is not clean how to do depilation try these simple methods

Core tip: modern women love beauty very much, especially those with more body hair. I believe they are generally willing to deal with too much hair on their bodies every once in a while. Laser hair removal is a method often used by everyone. However, laser hair removal is not very thorough sometimes, and it is still not clean after 6 times. At this time, you can try some other hair removal methods.

Laser depilation is a commonly used depilation method. Although the pain is small, it is also prone to the condition that depilation is not very clean. For example, some people have not been clean after laser depilation for 6 times. In this case, you can try some other simple and easy depilation methods, such as depilation with removal method, clip or honey wax. Let’s learn more about it in detail.

Laser depilation has an effect on the hair in the growth period, but the hair is a process with growth period and rest period. Generally, after 3 ~ 5 courses of treatment, the vast majority of hair can fall off, and the hair becomes thinner, lighter in color and slow in growth. However, if only one or two courses of treatment are passed, the reduction of hair is not very obvious.

For some cases, the effect of laser depilation is still not very good after 5 or 6 times. There are also some such people. In this case, we can consider not using laser depilation and choose other simple and easy depilation methods.

For example, you can use the removal method, which is very simple and convenient, and there is no pain. It can be carried out at any time, and it will not affect the hair follicle. The hair root still exists, but this method does not last long, and the hair that grows again looks more dark and thick.

Another thing is that you can use a clip. It will hurt at the beginning and can be uprooted for a long time, but you should also be cautious. If the hygiene is not done well, the probability of redness, swelling and infection is also relatively high.

Laser hair removal is a kind of laser hair removal. It uses laser light to go deep into the skin to destroy melanin in hair follicles and stop hair growth. Although this method has good effect, it is expensive and may cost tens of thousands of yuan at a time.

Honey wax can quickly remove a large area of hair and maintain it for a long time, but the longest time will not exceed 8 weeks. The disadvantage is that it is painful. After all, it will cause hair roots and hair follicles distortion in the skin in the process of treatment, which is easy to secondary folliculitis or other types of skin infection.

After laser hair removal for many times, the effect is still not ideal. In fact, in this case, you can choose some other hair removal methods. For example, these methods introduced above can also be tried, but you should also try selectively in combination with everyone’s physical condition.