Can depilation affect perspiration?

  A lot of people worry that depilation will affect perspiration, but in fact this kind of worry is unnecessary.

  Sweat comes from sweat glands and hair comes from hair follicles. Sweat glands and hair follicles are independent. Even if the hair follicles are destroyed, people can still sweat normally.

  Some hairs do have a purpose. For example, hair can help keep the head warm, eyebrows are important for expressing feelings, and nose hair can help block some pathogens.

  However, the health effects of hair on arms, armpits, legs, fingers and lips are really small today. Want to take off boldly take off, with a refreshing way to welcome summer.

  Now household instruments are more and more popular, one can be used by the whole family, can be said to be a very high utilization rate of things.

  The Miraie laser hair remover is a good choice for choosing an instrument.

  I recommend first and second gear for the first time, and try a bigger one later. The higher the level, the more power. Skin is very sensitive girl big result may have slight electric flu, but really not painful!

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