Let you know depilation closely

Although small hair will not affect health, its impact on personal appearance can not be ignored, especially modern women who love beauty will try their best to get rid of it.

In order to help you understand hair removal in more detail, several common methods are listed below:

Internal causes of hair removal demand: hormone secretion imbalance, drug source, and body cleaning needs.

External causes of depilation demand: appearance demand, dress demand and the pursuit of cutting-edge fashion.

The parts for depilation: eyebrow, lip, forehead, neck, underarm, back, upper and lower arms, bikini, large and small legs and other parts of the human body that need the characteristics of good body hair.

Common hair removal methods:

Scraping: This is undoubtedly the simplest method, directly scraping the hair exposed to the skin.

Advantages: fast and convenient, in line with women’s self-help and private cleansing method.

Disadvantages: short maintenance period, new long hair, thick and thick hair, easy to scratch.

Depilation cream: wipe it locally. Its chemical composition can immediately corrode and dissolve the hair, and then clean the skin surface.

Advantages: the method is simple and fast

Disadvantages: repeated use is easy to cause skin damage, and long-term use is not ideal. It is forbidden to use in periocular and mucosal tissue areas.

Wax therapy: hair removal wax therapy is one of the important methods for large-area hair removal. Apply wax on the skin along the direction of hair growth, paste special depilation paper on the skin, and pull it quickly against the direction of hair growth to achieve depilation effect.

Advantages: simple, rapid, economic, safe, less pain, easy to reach.

Disadvantages: non standard operation can cause hair length, and it is not suitable for people with diabetes, varicose veins, nevus, warts, skin ulceration and inflammation.

Laser hair removal: the use of laser in medicine began in the 1960s, but it is more than 30 years later to find an ideal hair removal laser. Foreign countries have successfully developed laser hair remover in recent two years, and it has achieved positive results in the clinical application of western white people. However, the use of this kind of laser in people of color also needs to have a higher selectivity for skin pigment, that is, in addition to the purpose of depilation, it can not leave skin pigment and cause changes in skin texture.

Advantages: the clinical application of regular laser beauty hospital has proved that this is an effective hair removal method.

Disadvantages: the effect of a few people is not ideal.

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