How to take care of laser hair removal?

  In summer, showing the beauty of beautiful muscles is an important moment. I believe that many friends have made plans to become beautiful! Of course, all that is necessary to become beautiful is to take off! Hair! That! Whether it is the small fluff around the lips or the obvious hair on the body parts, it is not what a delicate and beautiful girl should have. .

  It is not recommended to pull the hair by hand. The operation is not only painful, but also easy to damage the pores and cause inflammation of the hair follicles. With the development and improvement of the medical beauty industry, many exquisite girls have chosen laser hair removal machine for hair removal! Come and see~

  Laser hair removal is based on the principle of selective photothermodynamics. By reasonably adjusting the laser wavelength and energy pulse width, the laser can reach the root hair follicles through the skin surface. The light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy, which destroys the hair follicle tissue, so that the hair loses the ability to regenerate without damaging the surrounding tissues. Laser hair removal is currently the safest, fastest and longest hair removal technique.

  As the hair follicles and hair shafts are rich in melanin, lasers with specific wavelengths target melanin for precise and selective hair removal. After the melanin absorbs the laser energy, the temperature rises sharply, leading to the destruction of hair follicle stem cells and the removal of hair.

  After hair removal machine hair removal, everyone must do a good job of repairing after the operation, so as not to affect the hair removal effect and damage the skin. After the operation, you can choose preferential products in combination with the application plan, which will give you comprehensive protection at different stages.

  Preferential Siyu Fu Yang Yanlu can replenish collagen, moisturize and reduce inflammation, promote the synthesis of ceramide and the metabolism of skin cells.

  soothing lotion and refreshing repair mask, can effectively moisturize and replenish water, antioxidant. Long-lasting refreshing cream, anti-radiation, refreshing and non-greasy.

  Matters needing attention after hair removal device hair removal:

  Do not touch the water on the treatment site within 1.24 hours, do not rub the treatment site with detergent within 7 days, and do not wash with too hot water;

  Do not exercise vigorously within 2.7 days, avoid a lot of sweating, do not sweat and steam;

  3. Pay attention to sun protection, so it is recommended to do it in winter when the ultraviolet rays are weaker than summer;

  4. Avoid smoking, drinking, spicy food, seafood, beef and mutton and other hair products within a week.

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