The effect of laser hair removal is good

Although thick clothes can resist the cold, they can’t resist the harm of thick body hair to beautiful women. Many beautiful women want to know which hair removal method can permanently remove hair

Although it is about to enter winter, depilation is still a problem that women can’t avoid. Many women want permanent hair removal. Can the commonly used hair removal methods meet this requirement? What are the best depilation methods?

There are many commonly used hair removal methods. Which hair removal method do you think is the best?

At present, there are two kinds of depilation methods: non thermal dynamic depilation method and thermal dynamic method. Non thermal power methods, such as scraping, pulling, wax depilation, depilation cream, depilation cream, etc; Thermal power depilation, such as electroacupuncture, photon and laser depilation. Only thermal power depilation can achieve the effect of permanent depilation. Among several thermal power depilation methods, laser depilation has the best effect, which is suitable for any unsightly hair on the body surface.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal over other hair removal methods?

Laser hair removal is really better than photon hair removal. What’s good about it? First, the overall depilation effect is good, and second, its speed is relatively fast. Laser is much faster than photons. Photons pass through each spot and kill cells through hair follicles, resulting in hair follicle atrophy. Semiconductor laser hair removal instrument produces light with 850 nm wavelength, which has the best effect on melanocytes. It can make hair follicles shrink rapidly, so as to achieve the purpose of hair removal. We first used 650 nm and 800 nm, which are some distance away. Now we use 850 nm semiconductor laser hair remover. The advantages of laser hair removal are the two advantages I just mentioned. One is fast, the other is highly targeted and has a good effect. For general hair follicles, it is generally better to do it two to three times. It has a good effect on thick hair. If it is thick, hair follicle melanin is better. The hair removal effect on the limbs is generally four to five times.

Laser depilation is generally suitable for several times. Advertisements often claim that it is clean at one time. Is this really the case?

Laser depilation can generally be reduced by 50% for the first time. For depilation, sometimes there are such misunderstandings. Many people think that they can depilate at one time. This idea is wrong. Hair growth has its periodicity. It has growth period, quiescent period and regression period. It should be the best effect to remove hair in quiescent period. So, in some cases, you don’t have to look at a lot of hair, but why will it grow after half a month or a month? This shows that the part you take off is the hair in the growth period, which is the most effective. But it has no effect on the hair at rest. When the hair at rest is transformed into growth, it will be removed again for the second time. This is what we often explain to our guests. Some people don’t understand. They think they can take it off once. It’s like when you start shaving your hair with a razor, there’s no hair, only hair follicles. When he finished, he felt very good and there was no more. But after a period of time, it grows again. He thinks why does it grow when it is clearly depilated? This is the problem of hair growth cycle, which should be explained to them scientifically.

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