What are the four plans to improve hair removal in summer?

Summer is coming. Many women who love beauty are worried about their hair: how can they wear sleeveless clothes and show short skirts when their hair is so heavy? There are many ways to remove sweat and hair. Here are the four most common methods. Compare them to see which is more suitable for you.

Do not share eyebrow forceps with others

I’m going to pluck with an eyebrow forceps

Eyebrow forceps were originally used to pull out eyebrows, but some people think that since they are all hair pulling, they should be used in other places on the body, such as pulling out the sweat and armpit hair around the mouth.

This hair removal method is simple and convenient, but it may cause some damage to the skin. Hair removal stimulates hair follicles. If the cleanliness of pores is not enough, the local resistance of the skin will be reduced, resulting in redness, swelling and contamination, and the skin is easy to relax. It is recommended to wet the skin with hot water before pulling out to expand the pores, so that the hair can be easily pulled out. In addition, the eyebrow forceps should be disinfected with alcohol before application. It is best not to pull out the hair in the beauty salon or share the eyebrow forceps with others. In addition, apply moisturizing skin care products or talcum powder to the skin after pulling. In case of inflammation, it is recommended to wipe the hair pulling place with alcohol and then apply ice.

Electric hair remover

There are many formats of women’s hair removers on the market, which are beautiful and convenient. After the power is plugged in, the rapidly rotating probe will uproot the hair passing by. Due to the fast speed, there is almost no pain, and the hair follicles at the tail can be seen on the removed hair. The only trouble is that the pulled hairs grow so fast that they have to be taken care of almost every week or two.

This method can pull out the hair follicle, but because it can not permanently depilate, frequent electric hair removal may leave scars or melanin calm if you are careless. It is recommended to use some talcum powder before depilation, which will be easier to scrape and cleaner to remove. And depilation should also choose the time. When you wake up in the morning, the skin is often swollen. At this time, depilation is more harmful to the skin. Before and after menstruation, women will be more sensitive to pain and have unstable skin conditions. Depilation should be avoided as much as possible. In addition, diabetes, scurvy, skin diseases and varicose veins are not suitable for hair removal.

Three depilatory creams and lotions

People who are more sensitive to pain can choose to apply products such as depilation cream for depilation. First apply the depilatory cream evenly to the parts to be depilated. After 5 to 10 minutes, the hair in these parts will become soft, and then scrape it with a scraper. The application efficiency of depilation cream is relatively fast. Even small and soft body hair can be removed in a large area in a short time, but the disadvantage is that the effect remains for a long time. Depilation is required twice a week.

Depilatory cream is conducive to the dissolution of hair structure by chemicals to achieve the goal of depilation. This method has no damage to hair follicles, so it will grow again in about three days. Compared with depilatory lotion, depilatory cream is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but whose skin is not easily allergic. Patch test must be done before application. Wash the skin before application to reduce irritation. It should be noted that the chemical composition of depilatory cream and depilatory dew is acetic acid or calcium acetate, which is irritating to the skin. Frequent application or sensitive skin will cause redness, swelling and allergy, and even rash. People with sensitive constitution should use it with caution. In addition, do not apply body lotion and sunscreen after hair removal, otherwise it will easily stimulate the skin.

Four laser hair removal

In the process of laser hair removal, people are asked to lie on the bed during treatment. The cold gel is coated on the surface of the depilation, and then the head is tightly attached to the skin, slowly sliding and emitting pulses. At the same time, observe the skin reaction and constantly mediate. After treatment, wipe the skin and apply cold compress with an ice bag to make it more comfortable. The whole process was very fast and ended in only more than ten minutes. Although the local skin was a little red, it gradually dissipated a few hours after ice application.

Semiconductor laser hair removal can be said to be the most fantasy hair loss method at present. Its principle is to apply the theory of selective photothermal action to let the laser of a specific wavelength penetrate the epidermal hair follicle, and the black pigment in the hair stem selectively receives the laser energy. When the hair follicle is heated and solidified, it will die, and the hair will no longer grow. Many people worry about the safety of laser hair removal and whether it has an impact on the sweat glands. In fact, the laser only acts on the black pigment in the hair follicle, and there is no black pigment in the sweat glands. Therefore, it will not receive laser energy and damage the sweat glands, and there are no other adverse effects on the human body.

Before receiving laser hair removal, the hair must be shaved first, because the visible hair will damage the local epidermis due to high heat caused by laser burning, and can also cause irreversible damage to the laser hand. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid water for three days after treatment to prevent contamination, and pay attention to sunscreen to avoid calm pigment.

In addition, laser hair removal has severe contraindications, including those with a history of scar, a history of current infection or herpes simplex infection in the treatment area, other methods of hair removal within 6 weeks, pregnant women, suntanned skin, etc. The only disadvantage of laser hair removal is that it is expensive. The specific cost depends on different parts, area and thickness of hair.

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