What are the precautions before laser hair removal

Core tip: body hair is too exuberant. Summer is a kind of distress for women, such as armpit hair, leg hair, sweat hair on the arm, etc. when it is thick, it will undoubtedly have a certain impact on beauty when it is less worn in summer. Therefore, many beauty seekers will choose laser hair removal to remove body hair, and there are some precautions before laser hair removal. Beauty seekers should pay attention to understand, so as to achieve better hair removal effect.

As summer gets closer and closer, girls who love beauty are thinking about how to remove the body hair that is easy to be exposed in summer, such as leg hair and armpit hair. There are many methods to remove body hair, among which laser hair removal is a good choice. So what are the precautions before laser hair loss? Let’s take a look at the precautions of laser hair removal.

  1. Before laser hair removal, pay attention to skin care. First, do a good job in skin cleaning and detoxification, which can reduce the probability of infection. At the same time, pay attention to the healthy skin of the hair removal part. If there is damage or skin disease, laser hair removal is not allowed.
  2. Before laser hair removal, pay attention to skin care according to the skin type. If you have type III-V skin with dark complexion, pay attention to avoid sunlight. At the same time, you can use sunscreen for 4-6 weeks. If you have pigmentation tendency, you can use hydroquinone drugs at the same time.
  3. Note that six weeks before laser hair removal, it is not allowed to remove hair in various ways, such as depilation cream, depilation cream or other skin care products. Otherwise, laser hair removal will not be effective after pulling out hair follicles. Before formal depilation, the doctor will shave off the hair outside the skin for operation.

Of course, in order to achieve a better hair removal effect, in addition to paying attention to all kinds of work before hair removal, you should also take good care after hair removal. For example, after laser hair removal, you should pay attention to sun protection to avoid sun exposure, so as to prevent skin discomfort or pigmentation, scars and other consequences caused by stimulation. It is recommended to avoid sun exposure within half a year of hair removal and follow the doctor’s instructions to apply sunscreen lotion to the affected part to reduce the sun exposure, In addition, pay attention to the care of depilated parts. Do not scald with hot water and scrub hard to prevent injury and infection.

What are the precautions before laser hair removal? The above is about some matters needing attention before laser hair removal and the nursing work after hair removal. Only by doing well in these protection can we better ensure the hair removal effect. Therefore, it is suggested that those who are preparing for laser hair removal must do well in relevant matters before and after hair removal, so as to achieve better hair removal effect. Of course, the most important thing is to choose a regular hospital for hair removal, so that the effect and safety can be more guaranteed.