What harm does facial laser depilation have? 3 harm tips for facial laser depilation

Core tip: laser hair removal is the only way to help women get rid of body hair problems permanently, so many women who suffer from body hair problems will choose laser hair removal. However, we should be careful when treating the hair on the face, because it is difficult to completely ensure that there are no side effects in the process of laser hair removal. If you accidentally burn the skin, you will leave scars.

Laser hair removal can help women get rid of the trouble of body hair. Many women will choose this hair removal method. Some women find that they have a lot of hair on their face, and it seems inappropriate to use other methods to remove hair. Therefore, they hope to use laser treatment, but the skin on their face is different from that of their body. If there is any damage, it will be difficult to repair. What harm does laser treatment do to the hair on their face?

When using laser for hair removal, there will be some tingling and slight burning on the skin. Some women have spots or peeling on the skin after operation. Now, this is an inflammatory reaction after the skin is stimulated, which can generally be repaired without leaving traces. However, there are some exceptions. It depends on the doctor’s technology and personal skin. The main hazards are as follows.

  1. Erythema and peeling: there may be mild erythema on the skin at the site of laser treatment, but most of them will slowly disappear by themselves. Because the laser burns hair follicles through fever, it will inevitably burn the skin. Some people’s skin will have scabs, but it will be fine after falling off.
  2. Scar: generally, laser will not cause serious damage to skin tissue. However, exceptions cannot be ruled out, especially for people with poor skin, poor doctor skills, or post-operative infection, which may produce small scars.
  3. Pigmentation: some people may have brown spots after treatment, but it will only happen to a few people, which is related to their physique. Most can recover in a few months.

Although there are some hazards, in general, laser hair removal is relatively safe and effective. The operation method is simple and fast. As long as a good hospital is selected for treatment, the harm can be reduced. At the same time, pay attention to postoperative care, which can also avoid adverse reactions. After facial hair removal, you must not use skin care products or make-up to prevent infection. In case of adverse reactions, it is necessary to deal with and treat them correctly.

The above is about the harm of facial laser hair removal. Although laser hair removal has certain harm, the effect is still very good and relatively safe. As long as you choose a doctor with good technology, you can reduce these side effects. However, if it is scar constitution, don’t choose facial laser hair removal, otherwise you will leave scars.