Which do you choose between freezing point depilation and laser depilation?

Freezing point depilation and laser depilation are the two main depilation methods used now. The depilation effects of these two methods are relatively good and belong to the ranks of permanent depilation. However, how do beauty lovers choose these two methods when treating? Which of these two methods is better? If you want to know which of the two methods of freezing point depilation and laser depilation is better, you need to understand the development process of these two methods before you can know which of the two methods is better.

Ten years ago, when the laser that can be used for hair removal was invented, the goal of the R & D personnel was to use a large amount of laser energy to ensure the curative effect. Therefore, in the first generation of ruby hair removal laser, we blindly pursue the so-called curative effect without considering the risk of pain, epidermal scald and so on. Eight years ago, the second generation of hair removal laser used advanced single pulse and high-energy semiconductor laser. Although the safety was improved, many people were deterred by the disadvantages of pain, long time-consuming and heavy postoperative reaction in the hair removal process. Three years ago, the third generation of hair removal laser – Felton freezing point painless hair removal laser adopted more advanced double pulse semiconductor laser, creating a new era of rapid and painless hair removal!

Painless depilation has become a trend and has become the depilation declaration of beauty lovers. The equipment has become the wind vane of depilation equipment. The efficacy of the first generation hair removal laser is beyond reproach, but it is eliminated due to the defects of pain and scald; The second generation hair removal laser has solved some pain, but it has become very backward due to its slow speed and heavy postoperative reaction; Nowadays, the rapid development of science and technology has created the third generation of painless freezing point laser hair removal.

You should know which of the two methods of freezing point depilation and laser depilation you often use now; In fact, freezing point hair removal is also a kind of laser hair removal. It is best to go to a regular hospital for treatment. Our hospital is a senior professional skin beauty medical institution with high reputation and reputation at home and abroad.

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